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Laser Rust Removal Restoration and Cleaning

What is it?

One of the most important applications of laser cleaning is the removal of rust and unwanted painted substrates. Rust is a thin layer of oxidized material that can arise on the outside of a metal surface and formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the catalytic presence of water or air moisture. The traditional techniques to remove rust are sanding, chemical treatment, sandblasting, dry ice blasting, etc. These techniques are either very time consuming or have a big impact on the environment.

Our unique laser cleaning service allows our customers to reduce production interruptions and enhance productivity. Solving problems effectively and efficiently, helping our customers reach and exceed their goals.

20X Faster – We clean faster than using chemicals

Efficient – set-up is easy and we can start cleaning in minutes

Minimal space required – laser cleaning does not require extra space, meaning little impact on surrounding work areas

Safe – laser cleaning will not leave chemical, mechanical or thermal strain on the substrate

Mobile – the laser can easily be maneuvered providing flexibility

Clean – low noise, no chemicals, less fumes and dust, which means no clean up after work is performed

Minimal waste – laser cleaning does not leave collateral waste or leftover hazardous materials

Environmentally friendly – chemical cleaning materials are not required and any waste can be easily removed via a vacuum | Stop wasting time and money on pressure washing or sand blasting 

Types of laser rust removal treatments

Laser cleaning is a relatively new technology with a significant number of commercial and industrial applications –
Laser surface treatment uses powerful laser beam thermal energy to modify the substrate of materials like steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and other highly reflective metals that are commonly used in manufacturing.
Some examples of what laser cleaning can do are the following:

Common Laser Cleaning 

Coating and rust removal
Laser cleaning removes coating and deposits including oil and rust.

Weld inspections
Laser cleaning leaves a fully exposed weld in clean condition, enabling NDT inspection without worry of residues impacting results.​

Areas requiring precise work
When there is an area with sensitive equipment (i.e. electrical), laser is the best option.​

Architectural cleaning
With laser cleaning we can restore statues, monuments, plaques, buildings, and structures without damaging the original surface.​

Environmental sensitive areas
Laser cleaning is an eco-friendly option as all materials are collected in a vacuum system, making laser cleaning the best choice for areas where pollution and containments must be minimized (i.e. Waterways, Hospitals).

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